So you’ve heard stories about everyday people getting rich, goods and services over the Internet and you want to get rich with adsense? You can make money online easily with adsense if you write unique content for your blog. If you work in fits and starts, you will make money in fits and starts.

Here’s what you need to do to make a good income from adsense and affiliate marketing-


Now let’s talk about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a complex science. It’s just a series of events which at the same time, is easy to make money like adsense.


Let me give you some tips about SEO to succeed with your adsense blog or affiliate marketing site.


Buying Adsense Account

I say if you can’t get your adsense account approved by yourself, buy your own adsense account. There are many websites that provide adsense approval service. I would suggest to get your adsense account approved as soon as possible before you get started with the internet marketing.


Cruelty in the use of the keywords


Remember the misuse of the keywords is dangerous for the online activities. The keywords are important for your online recognition. For example, the people use different keywords closely related to the products and services they offer. You can increase your web traffic by using the specific keywords because the SEO services and other searching engines such as Google will identify the related search of the people with the keywords available in the title of your websites such URL and in the blogs. People will face difficulty if you will use the bad keywords. For example, if you have wasted the chance to include the keywords in the title of the blogs in appropriate manners then the blog will not be identified by the SEO services so your blog will not be able to compete with other blogs having attractive and appropriate keywords in the title.


seo mistakes 1240 thumb Search engine optimization; what are bad practices people usually do?


Don’t include the keywords or titles in the URL


Most of the people are facing the losses online because they have added the titles of the blogs and keywords in the URL of the websites. Don’t adapt such practices because it will damage your online status. Remember, it will be the title of your blog that will be picked up by the SEO services such as Google, Yahoo and MSN etc. So it is strongly recommended that you should not add the titles of the blogs in the URL and use them simply so it will be easy for the search engines to pick and show your adsense blogs first.


Unavailability of the sitemap


These are online maps or indications that are used to navigate the people towards the special and specific blogs available on your adsense website. If there will be no sitemaps then it will be difficult for the people to reach at the right place. No sitemap means that your customers or readers are blind to find the desired topics and blogs. So the sitemap should be included in the blogs for the better assistance of the visitors. Take care, if the readers or visitors will feel pain or difficulty to find anything on your online site then it will reduce the web traffic on your website.


RSS feed and customer’s corner


You should provide the RSS feed so the people come to know when you will upload or update any new blog. Customers support corners should be there so the people can find the solutions of their problems easily by visiting the online help corners.


Finally, you must make it a habit to study data. See where traffic is coming from; Conversion keywords; geographical distribution of traffic conversion, page layouts, job postings, etc. Change and customize your site until you are satisfied.


In addition, keep in mind that affiliate network partner will take your success to a large extent. Choose wisely and enjoy the journey.

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