Facebook provides its users with two great free tools, Fan Pages and Groups, both have their own utility. There are several options with theses tools that you can use according to your need. Suppose if you want to publicize your business via Facebook then the best choice is to have Fan Pages rather to use Groups. Facebook Fan Pages act as personalized business pages. But our facebook auto poster software is the best one and help out really good.

These two tools differ from each other in the sense that Fan Pages are visible to guest users and search engine recognizes them as index pages, which also helps in SEO tasks. Fan Pages get you traffic on your site or Facebook Application.

In Groups, members can send invitations to other users, even to the non-members, making Groups work as a viral/events-oriented marketing tool.

The following table displays some facts about Fan Pages and Groups on Facebook:We are looking for Facebook to introduce Groups and Facebook Applications? interactivity. Fan Pages provide you this opportunity. Groups also are a good way to host discussions and getting attention by the user. On the other side Pages are the best in keeping long-term activities and also improve search abilities on social media.

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